Advance Diploma in Graphics & Animation

Are you looking to elevate your visual designing and graphics and animation skills to the next level. If yes, then a diploma in Graphics and Animation from us is all you need to create stunning visuals in the gaming & animation industry and earn a handsome salary.

Course Duration
22 Months

Course Type

100% Placement

diploma in graphics

Achieve Excellence through a Diploma in Animation and Graphic Design

The growth after a diploma in animation and graphics is unparalleled to many streams in India. The graphics and animation industry has grown at an exceptional rate and has grown over 23 Billion in 2023 and is still going strong.

Due to extensive anime, games and illustration creation, the need for a diploma in Graphics and Animation is sky high right now. The demand for creative animators and graphic design experts has also increased in the past 3 years. So, if you're someone who is looking for an extremely creative graphics and animation course then you're in the right place.

diploma in graphics

Our Course Modules

Become an expert in graphics and animation and learn with industry level experts in the graphics and animation industry

  1. Basic Computer Studies
  2. Typographic Design
  3. Basic Design Information
  4. Colour Theory
  5. Graphics Design Principle
  6. History of Design and Multimedia
  7. History of Design and Multimedia
  8. Photo Editing
  9. Photo background
  10. Apply effects
  11. Print Publication Design
  12. Digital Publishing
  13. Digital Character Design
  14. Project-I
  15. History of Movie Making and SFX
  16. Pre-Production, Production and Post Production
  17. Create a Storyboard or Shooting Script
  18. Types of Camera Shot
  19. Camera Handing and setup
  20. Movie shoot and Editing
  21. Colour Correction and tone
  22. VFX and Green Chroma Shoot
  23. Motion Graphics
  24. Compositing
  25. Match Moving
  26. Sound Recording and Dialogue
  27. Audio Editing & Effects
  28. Project (Commercial ad Shoot & Short Films)
  29. Digital Portfolio Development & Presentation
  30. History of 2D Animation
  31. Pre-Production, Production and Post Production
  32. Create a Storyboarding
  33. Scripting and Dialogue
  34. Sound Recording
  35. Basic of 2D Animation
  36. 2D Character Design & fundamentals
  37. Tracing & Colouring
  38. Key frame
  39. Classic Motion tween, Motion tween, Shape tween
  40. Motion Guide and Path Animation
  41. Masking
  42. Cut-out Animation
  43. 2D Animation
  44. Project (2D Short Video)
  45. Basic Computer Studies
  46. 3D Character Design & fundamentals
  47. Basic of 3D Animation
  48. Introduction About Mesh Modelling
  49. 3D Modelling
  50. Unwarp Mapping (UV Mapping)
  51. 3D Texture Making
  52. Lighting
  53. Arnold lighting
  54. Arnold Renderer
  55. Bone setup (Biped)
  56. IK/FK blending
  57. Skinning
  58. Maya Rigging
  59. Set key frame and Auto key
  60. 3D Animation
  61. Project (3D Short Video)

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Career Opportunities

Upgrade your portfolio, out learn everyone in the animation and graphics industry and land a high paying job.

graphic designer course
Bachelor in graphic design
Bachelor in graphic design

Advance in Your Career with a Diploma in Animation and Graphics


Students who have completed their 10+2 in any stream can enroll in this course!

Admission open for Session 2024-25


Questions? Look Here

A diploma in graphic design and animation is a one year course from us for students looking to evolve their careers in the graphics and creative industry through practical implementation and live projects.

The duration of the diploma in graphic design and animation from us is 6 months.

The students who have completed their 12th or 10+2 from either of the 3 streams from a recognised board can enrol for a diploma in this field.

With a diploma in Graphics design and animation you can fill up different roles like an illustrator, animation expert, product developer and web designer.

If you want to apply for the graphic design and animation program then you just have to click on the application form and submit your details along with the required documents and then submit them to us.

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