wisdom college for creativity and design

Who We Are: A Legacy of Excellence

WCCD (Wisdom College for Creativity & Design) is a vibrant educational institution where creative minds flourish we have been empowering learners and shaping futures for more than a decade and our goal is to create an educational space for every individual to prosper and reach new heights in their career through our diverse vocational programs.

Our doors are always open for individuals looking to upskill themselves in the field they're passionate about. As a member of the Clothing Manufacturer Association of India (CMAI) and the Association of Designers of India (ADI), we are committed to helping every individual reach their maximum potential and launch their career.

Our Mission: Nurturing Potential & Shaping Dreams

At WCCD, our mission is to empower students in any stream to begin a career in any industry they have a passion for and we create the next generation of leaders and creative experts in every field from Fashion Design to Data Science, we are there to guide our students at every twist & turn and we provide a dynamic learning environment which brings out the best in every single of our candidates.

Our motto is to go beyond just classroom learning and design a project-based approach with real-world problems and then guide our students how to find answers for them and help them to master skills like filmmaking and editing, Digital Marketing, etc. Our experienced faculty mentors and guides every student in their respective industries and provides constructive feedback to help them hone their skills and achieve their goals.

wisdom college for creativity and design
wisdom college for creativity and design

Our Vision: A Beacon of Vocational Training

Our vision is to become the best vocational training institute in not just India but all the world and be recognized for our quality of education, innovation, and commitment towards the success of our students which is the reason we're always working to create new and creative ways for our students to learn complex skills.

Our panel of guest lecturers is always there to inspire them in their respective careers and give them tips and invaluable insights in every course and help them upskill themselves in every industry and become the most sought after individuals in their careers. Ultimately, our vision is to empower aspiring designers, data scientists, digital marketers, and filmmakers to not just secure a job but to pursue their creative passions and become leaders in their industry.

Message From Our Management

wisdom college for creativity and design

Puja Agarwal


Smt. Puja Agarwal believes that education is the key to success in this modern world and he is committed to providing students with the best possible education along with the mastery of required skills needed to thrive in their domain and he wants to help them in achieving their career goals.

Her last goal is to provide students with the best possible education and vocational programs at the most affordable price so that every student can chase their dreams and become a professional in their industry.