Bachelor in Data Science

Data scientist is one of the most in demand and high paying jobs in this digital world and our bachelor in Data Science is all you need to unlock this exclusive opportunity for yourself and earn more than an average employee after your studies.

Course Duration
3 Years

Course Type

100% Placement


Data Science Bachelor Degree: A Mix of Analytics, AI and Data

Our three year data science bachelor degree is the exact need for the students looking to excel in data science and earn a handsome salary. We offer practical learning skills in the field of data science through our course and in offline mode which makes the learning all the more fun while increasing intelligence in data science.

Our program offers 100% placement assistance to your students so that you land your dream job after getting enrolled in our data science course. Our excellence for commitment is what we want to instil into your students with the help of leading industry experts in the field of data science who are there with you at every step and for answering every query you may have..

bachelor in data science

Our Course Modules

Learn data science through hands-on experience and internships

Semester I

  1. English I - Communication Skills
  2. Computer Fundamentals and office Automation
  3. Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
  4. Applied Mathematics
  5. Advance Excel
  6. Python Basics
  7. Fundamentals of Machine Learning
  8. Fundamentals of Robotics

Semester II

  1. Communication Skill-II (English)
  2. Basic Computer Application 2 (P)
  3. Programming and GUI in Python
  4. Statistical Methods using SPSS
  5. Introduction to Data Sciences (T+P)
  6. Introduction to Neural Networks
  7. Skill Training in R
  8. Introduction to databases & Feature Engineering

Semester III

  1. Advance Python Programming for ML
  2. Data Mining & Analytics
  3. Big Data Basics
  4. Skill Training in machine learning & data analytics using R
  5. Natural Language Processing & speech recognition
  6. Data Visualization Techniques using Power BI
  7. Project development cycle

Semester IV

  1. Reinforcement learning
  2. Data Visualization using Tableau
  3. Natural Language Processing using Python
  4. Deep Learning with Keras & Tensorflow
  5. Google Cloud Console
  6. Web Application deveploment for Data Acquisition
  7. Mini Project

Semester V

  1. Personality and Image Building
  2. Business Automation Analysis & Implementation
  3. Ellective-1
  4. Data Science using Python(SciPy ,Matplotlib, Pandas)
  5. Major Project

Semester VI

  1. Corporate Behavioural Skills Training
  2. Business Intelligence & Predictive Learning using ML
  3. Ellective-2
  4. Deployment of Major Project
  5. Computer Vision

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Career Opportunities

After completing a bachelor in data science you can choose from a lot of options like Business data analyst, data engineer, data analyst, applications architect and many more!

data science
data science
data science

Take the Leap in Your Career with the Data Science Bachelor Degree Program


The students who have completed their 10+2 with science as their main stream can enrol in a bachelor in data science program.

Admission open for Session 2024-25


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A bachelor in data science provides students with tools and experience to study meticulous data sets and derive intelligent data driven decisions rather than just raw data.

The duration of the data science course from us is 9 months.

There are various options available to you after completing a diploma in data science like data analysts, database administrators, data engineers and data architects with a top end salary of 26 LPA.

The students looking to enrol in the data science graduate programs must have done their 10+2 with science as their main stream to be eligible for this course.

You just need to click on the application form and then submit us the details along with the required documents and we'll get back to you.

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