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At Wisdom College, our design initiatives are designed to help you unlock innovation and problem-solving skills. Completing our courses equips you with the abilities required to meet the demands of clients across various design domains. Whether your dream is to create stunning fashion collections, craft visually appealing graphics, design captivating interiors, or develop engaging websites, our college offers the platform to turn your aspirations into a successful career.

Our Courses & Domains

Web Development

Mastering Modern Web Development Techniques

Get certified in web development and technologies! From HTML and CSS fundamentals to advanced JavaScript techniques, learn to weave magic into your web creations. Explore learning responsive design, accessibility, and interactive user experiences as you undertake a journey to become a web wizard.

10+ Live Projects
100% Placement Assisstant
Custom Courses
Career Advancement
web development

Graphics & Animations

Learn to Create Memorable Designs for Digital Media

This course covers everything from idea conceptualization to visually stunning design execution. It aims to help learners master design principles, typography, colour theory, and digital illustration techniques. From conceptualizing ideas to executing visually stunning designs, this course covers it all.

Practical based learning
100% Placement Assisstant
Interactive media
Career Advancement
Graphics & Animations

Digital Marketing

Creating Compelling Content that Rank High on Google

Step into SEO, social media marketing, content creation, email campaigns, and analytics. Gain insights into audience targeting, conversion optimization, and digital advertising to become a smart digital marketer.

Practical Exposure on Google Ads, Social Media Ads and on many other
100% Placement Assisstant
Grow your own business Digitally
Make Money as an affiliate marketer
Digital marketing

Data Science

Deep Learning for Data Scientists

Learn data manipulation, research, visualization and the use of data development tools like Python and libraries such as Pandas and Matplotlib. Dive into statistical analysis, machine learning concepts, and data storytelling to extract valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

10+ Live Projects
100% Placement Assisstant
Weekend classes
Career Advancement
Data Science

Interior Design

Mastering Eco-Friendly Solutions for Interior Spaces

Start your creative journey with interior design and discover the fundamental principles and concepts that define exceptional spaces. Explore design styles, space planning, colour schemes, materials, and lighting techniques. Gain practical knowledge to create functional interiors that reflect your unique design vision.

Creative space planning
100% Placement Assisstant
Highly interactive assignments
Detailed Knowledge on Modular & Convertibles with Accessories
Interior Design

Fashion Design

Bringing Designs to Life on Paper

This is a foundational course that immerses you in the exciting world of fashion design. Learn a wide range of topics, including fashion sketching, garment construction, fabric selection, and trend forecasting. You will explore the creative process from concept development to showcasing your designs on the runway. This course will help you develop your unique design identity and bring your fashion dreams to life.

National level Fashion shows
100% Placement Assisstant
Practical knowledge
Professional Portfolio development
Fashion Design

Bachelor Courses

bachelor's in fashion design

Bachelor's in Fashion Design

Wisdom College for Creativity and Design offers undergraduate courses in fashion and styling. This Bachelor in Fashion Designing course covers fashion sketching, garment construction,textile studies, trend forecasting, and fashion business fundamentals. Through hands-on projects, industry collaborations, and internships, you will develop a strong foundation in design aesthetics, technical skills, and industry insights.

bachelor's in Interior design

Bachelor's in Interior Design

Bachelor of Interior Architecture & Design is an undergraduate interior design course. This course refers to the design and construction of interiorspace in clear relation to an architectural and urban framework.

Bachelor in Graphic and Animation

Bachelor in Graphic and Animation is an undergraduate program for those who want to make their future in graphic designing and animation services. Learn to communicate ideas effectively through effective visuals and great animations. Master software such as Adobe Creative Suite, Blender, and Autodesk Maya to bring your artistic visions to life.

Bachelor in Graphic and Animation

Bachelor in Data Science

The Bachelor in Data Science program is an opportunity to embark on a journey of discovery in the field of data science. Through this program, students can develop deep into the world of data analysis, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

Bachelor in Data Science

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