Diploma in 3D Animation

Are you interested in creating stunning 3D characters, animation, and designs or narrating stories with captivating animation? Our comprehensive 3D animation course is designed for individuals looking to upskill themselves in the art of 3D animation and create 3D visuals and animation characters.

Course Duration
6 Months

Course Type

100% Placement

diploma in 3d animation course

Diploma in 3D Animation: Turn Your Creativity into a Reality

Understand the power of 3d animation and learn the skills needed to transform your dream characters into a reality, a diploma in 3d animation. Create stunning anime characters, and designs and narrate historic stories through your animation.

With our 3D animation diploma course you can master core animation skills like animation techniques, rigging, modeling and storytelling for the screen and our animation experts teach you the latest industry software along with the practical implementation of every design, animation techniques like lip-syncing, special effects animation and motion capture.

3d animation course

Our Course Modules

Our animation experts will guide you on every step while you're learning new animation software like Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, etc, and build a strong portfolio as an animation designer.

  1. Basic Computer Studies
  2. 3D Character Design & fundamentals
  3. Basic of 3D Animation
  4. Introduction About Mesh Modelling
  5. 3D Modelling
  6. Unwarp Mapping (UV Mapping)
  7. 3D Texture Making
  8. Lighting
  9. Arnold lighting
  10. Arnold Renderer
  11. Bone setup (Biped)
  12. IK/FK blending
  13. Skinning
  14. Maya Rigging
  15. Set key frame and Auto key
  16. 3D Animation
  17. Project (3D Short Video)
  18. Digital Portfolio Development & Presentation

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Career Opportunities

When you complete a diploma in 3D animation from us you open yourself to a world of job opportunities in the animation sector like character animation, concept artist, 3D modeler, storyboard artist, etc

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Bachelor in graphic design
Bachelor in graphic design

3D Animation Diploma Course: Become a 3D Animation Expert


Students who have completed their 10+2 in any stream can join our 3D animation diploma course and start off their animation journey with us.

Admission open for Session 2024-25


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A diploma in 3D animation is a course that equips with the essential skills and knowledge needed to design 3D characters and animation. It also requires you to learn skills like character movement, storytelling techniques, 3D software mastery, etc.

If you have completed your 10+2 in any stream then you're eligible to join our 3D animation course.

After completing a 3D animation diploma course you open a lot of career options for yourself like 3D animator, character modeler, rigging artist, game animator, etc.

If you want to apply for your 3D animation course then you just need to click on the apply now button and then submit all the necessary details along with the required documents and submit them to us.

The duration of the diploma in 3D Animation Course from us is 6 months.

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